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alL THE MAGICAL BOYS by SweetSplendor alL THE MAGICAL BOYS by SweetSplendor

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Klaus Vogler

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Birth Date: March 3rd

Nationality: German

Height: 5’7

Weight: 130lbs

:bulletwhite: Personality:

+ Happy go lucky
He barely does anything for serious reasons, he is usually out just to have fun or experience something new. It is not like him to reject an adventure.

+ Talkative
He will talk to practically anyone. He loves to socialize and have friends around him.

+ Friendly
Klaus tries to make friends with just about anyone. He loves to hear people's stories and adventures

+ Playful
Rarely is he ever serious, most of what he says is a joke or sarcasm. He loves to see people laugh and smile. I mean...who doesn't?

- Needy/Clingy
He always needs someone by his side. The closer someone is to him, the more clingy he is and unwilling to let him go.

- Impulsive
Klaus acts on pure instinct or impulse, he doesn't exactly think things through-- which lead to trouble or drama later on

- Lazy
A yes...not a very hard worker. He will do almost anything to get out of doing work. He doesn't have time fore that! There are more important things to do--

- Always Tired
Klaus always feels as though he's missing something important when he's sleeping...this usually causes him to get severely sleep deprived. This usually causes him to fall asleep at random times during the day.

- Bad at following any kind of directions
Despite being a pretty good listener, he likes doing things his own way. It may not always be smart or efficient, but no one tells him what to do--

:bulletwhite: <3: Adventures, being in his magical form, his grandmother, candies, Batman, friends

:bulletwhite: </3: Sleeping, work, exercise, being lonely, hurting people, bitter foods

:bulletwhite: History:

Klaus was born into a normal and relatively happy family with two sisters. They weren't particularly wealthy, nor did they have to strugle. But to make sure this kind of life style was kept up, his parents often weren't home...only to come late at night then leave early in the morning. The boy knew his parents worked hard, but he couldn't help but feel a bit lost and lonely. So he visited his grandmother. Klaus's grandmother was an interesting woman, she had so many stories...And the German boy would listen for hours to these strange and exciting tales.

Needless to say, he got very close to his grandmother, finding that most of his childhood was spending time at her house...and going to her for any advice or help. Ah...but as he grew up, the grandmother grew older and slowly he memory began to deteriorate. Before it got too bad, she gave Klaus a was something special to Klaus. Something that had been through time and had a story; and reminded him of the great stories from his grandmother.

Sadly, the old and loveable woman died several months later, devastating the poor boy who had put the ring in a very precious place until the day of her death...wearing it from that day on. The ring was even more special to him now, and no one could possibly take from him.

Then it was maybe a years later, the boy who was still solemn about the loss, he was outside, looking down at his hand-- at the ring which seemed to gleam in a precious and rare way. Then something landed on his head...

:bulletwhite: Relationships: None at the moment :iconyuicryplz:


Name: Super Soldier Swift Robin

Colour: Robin’s Egg

Quote: “Swift Power, Life Of The Robin!"

Stellar Power: 1

Heart Gem: The ring
This was a precious ring given to Swift Robin by his grandmother when he was a child. She had always said “Keep this close to your heart and don’t let it go”. It was something the boy cherished, especially since it was given to him just months before his sweet grandmother passed. He always kept it close, and whenever the angelus's heart gem fused with it, it became his very own 'heart gem'.

:bulletwhite: Angelus: [ Batman/Cellos (Shell-os) ]-[ Bird (a robin) ]-[ ♂ ]

Bio: Back on Angellion, this man had a perfect home. He was part of the 'wealthy' you could say. Never had to lift a finger in his entire life, and getting anything he ever desired. So of course, I'm sure you can imagine the poor guys reaction when his precious planet was attacked. His life style changed drastically -- from lounging around all day to suddenly having to suffer in a pod that was leading him to some kind of new planet. He might as well be dead! Or...that's what Batman thought at least.

Life on the strange planet he landed on wasn't easy either. His false form was just terrible...He had to eat these kind of-- squirmy things. And all the others in this form weren't fun to talk to, always about food and eggs. And this flying thing? You've got to be kidding me.

Encounter: It was...nothing special. Well, at least to the Batman. Trying to get the whole idea of flying down...he found a nice clump of brownish plush to land on top of. It was soft...and warm...and oH MY GOD IT'S MOVING. A hand bat at the bird, and being as unfit with a lack of any kind of agility-- he was quickly hit off of the head and fell straight onto the the soft, grass covered ground.

What he had landed on top of was not brown blush-- but rather Klaus's head. Who of witched looked startled and frantic. "Excuse shouldn't hit that of prestige" The bird claimed, getting back on top of its feet and quickly got rid of the excess dirt. Oh no...He did it again. He talked.

Klaus only seemed more startled, and refused to look away from the small robin. What was his problem? Either way...this could be just what he wanted. This guy could give him power...and he had a good place as to where his heart lied...He looked like an appropriate person too. He had a really pretty shiny thing on his finger too. He must come from hat of wealth...right? RIGHT?

This is when their companionship began-- whether the boy liked it or not. Klaus didn't have much of a say, but being the person he is...he didn't mind this kind of thing too much. Just finding it to be a new adventure for himself.

Present: Now the two are living peacefullyHA not really together. They are both figuring out the powers, Bat man being the guide of course. His parents don't know about the bird-- or even about his powers and he keeps it a priority to make sure it's a secret. For now, both Batman and Klaus are seeing what works and what...needs practice. But so far...everything seems to be not as complicated as he thought.

:bulletwhite: Weapon: The Robin's Staff
The staff is long and light, easy to carry and move with. The two silver ribbons towards the top seem to intertwine and lace together whenever he's about to use an ability. The blue gem towards the top emits a certain kind of power-- which causes it to glow. The glow gets even brighter when an ability is taking place.

:bulletwhite: Magical Move: Blinding Ray
This is a ray of light that can hit an enemy target, causing a shocking sensation which paralyzes them for a short moment while causing some damage. When not used on an enemy, it causes a bright and blinding light to flash-- which is great if a quick escape is needed.

:bulletwhite: Themes:
Klaus Vogler


Cellos + Klaus


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