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HH: Awe man, there's a VP by SweetSplendor HH: Awe man, there's a VP by SweetSplendor
waaa more groups :iconryojidaisyplz:
This guy is the Student Council VP man
better listen to him

for :iconheiten-highschool:

:bulletblue: Name: Charles Foster

:bulletwhite:Nickname: Charlie, VP

:bulletblue: Age: Sixteen

:bulletwhite:Weight: 120 lbs

:bulletblue: Height: 5’6

:bulletwhite:Ethnicity: Half English - Half Korean

:bulletblue: Year: Second

:bulletwhite:<3: Sleeping, Warm drinks, Sweets, Warmth, Pillows

:bulletblue: <3:  Work, Waking Up, Getting yelled at 

✿ Always sleepy
✿ A slacker Likeme
✿ Optimistic
✿ Gullible
✿ Can be stubborn
✿ Not afraid to retaliate Against Tulpin //chokes
✿ Tries to be the ‘good student’…but it very bad at it
✿ Shows his emotions easily

:star: Vice President of Student Council  

:bulletblue: Bio:  
All his life, Charlie was raised in England with his English father and Korean mother. He enjoyed his life there, finding it easy and fun-- especially with his close friend Tulpin. He was raised without knowing much about the Asian culture wasn't necessary, right? Well he was wrong. Once he was about to being high school, his small family broke the news that they were packing up and moving to Japan....leaving his childhood friend and country behind. Although, it was easier for his mother to see relatives that she hasn't seen in years. Charlie didn't like this at all, he would have loved to stay in his beloved home town-- but he didn't have a choice.

The boy soon moved to this strange country, having no clue about the culture or language. He didn't understand anything at all. It took babying of his mother and a few other family friends for him to begin to understand-- and a year after that, he was enrolled into Heiten high. It was a very nice school-- much better than the one he had previously attended. That, and making friends there was much easier; only making him feel more at home when Tulpie decided to move to Japan too. So when he was encouraged to run for Student Council, he was surprised to get such a high position. Especially since his Japanese was still very broken.

Either way, his life in Japan wasn't as bad as he expected. So far he is enjoying, although he does grow homesick sometimes. He hopes to go back someday, but for now, he is slowly growing more comfortable in this odd country,

:bulletwhite:Fun facts!: 
✿ Little Charlie doesn't understand Japanese too well-- be patient with him ; 7 ;
✿ He pretty smart-- even if he doesn't show it :iconmingplz:
✿ He has the best butt-- ooo

:bulletblue: Relationships:

Tulpie: My childhood friend from England. We're really close-- even when he tried to get rid of me.I know that he doesn't hate me, and that's all that matters

Luke Finningan: Ah-- this guy...He's so sweet and he means so much to me. I've never been so happy until I met him-- but he can't know that. He's the only one who can make my heart flutter so much and I would be devistated if he ever left me...

LuckyLaundry Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
Huhu we gots ourselves another english boy /wiggles eyebrows
He's gots such an adorbs heart-shaped ahoge ♡
SweetSplendor Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
dhgkdfjgj :iconuguufaceplz:
dhdl,fgk thank youu e 7 e 
shhh, youdon'twanatouchit,it'sbadnewsbears  

I hope we get to rp sometime 

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